Project | 01
Nick Filet | Chief Operating Officer

Nick Filet is a new and upcoming fast-casual restaurant founded in Paoli, PA in November of 2018. I was one of the first employees and was given the opportunity to help grow the business. We now have two locations and are beginning to franchise. 

At Nick Filet I've gotten to obtain experience in business strategy, marketing, and accounting. I also handle all of our branding and website development. As we begin to expand I play a large role in the design and in-store experience of our future locations.

Project | 02
TYLE Clothiers | Founder

TYLE Clothiers was an innovative store concept that I developed. The idea behind TYLE was to develop solutions for online shopping in the clothing industry. The goal was to create an experience where people can explore, try-on, and get a feel for clothing in-person to later purchase online at their own convenience. 

This concept would decrease the amounts of returned items by a drastic amount for many brands. One of the largest issues with online shopping is not knowing how something fits because every brand fits differently! TYLE solved this.

TYLE encompassed everything I love about business and the experiences that are possible to connect online and offline business to customer relationships.

Project | 03
MODEX Technology | Founder

At Modex I developed an innovation computer keyboard. The keyboard industry hasn't seen any major changes in decades but I felt there was something that could be done.

Thus Flow - Your Modular Keyboard was born. Flow was a fully modular keyboard that allowed for you to pick and choose what parts of the keyboard you wanted or needed. Never use the number pad? No problem, don't buy one. Our concept was a mechanical high-end computer keyboard and primarily marketed towards gamers, tech enthusiasts, and professionals. 

Modex allowed me to go through the entire product development cycle from idea creation, prototyping, supply chain development, and eventually marketing/sales.

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